Ex-Puerto Rico Gov. slams Trump's high marks on relief efforts

Former Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla slammed Donald Trump on Twitter for claiming the his recovery efforts on the island were a “10.”

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Former Governor of Puerto Rico Alejandro García Padilla took a jab at President Trump on Twitter following comments the President made about the United States’ relief efforts on the island.

Padilla questioned Trump’s rating of his performace as a “10,” showing a group of surgeons operating on a patient using only light from their cell phones and flashlights more than one month after Hurricane Maria.

This is what POTUS calls a 10! Surgery performed with cellphones as flashlights in Puerto Rico today. pic.twitter.com/5pnK5dkkE6

— Alejandro (@agarciapadilla) October 21, 2017

It’s unclear where the photo, which has been widely circulated on Twitter, originated from.

Trump gives himself a ‘10’ for Puerto Rico hurricane response

In addition to retweeting the image, a number of Twitter users shared their own outrage over the lack of aid Puerto Rico has received in the weeks since the hurricane.

Many were quick to point out that about 28% of the island is still without running water. Nearly 90% of the island is without electricity.

we’re in niger to teach them human rights, john kelly says, as doctors perform surgery by cellphone light in puerto rico.

— 🎃 Salomé 🎃 (@Salome) October 22, 2017

Day 31:
84% of Puerto Rico is w/o power
28% w/o running water
Yesterday, a surgery was conducted by cellphone light.
An affront to humanity. https://t.co/Rl1ZfqEJOa

— Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) October 21, 2017

We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡

— Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 (@PuertoRicoPUR) October 21, 2017

Trump, often quick to respond to critics on Twitter, has yet to take aim at Padilla.

On Oct. 19, however, he gave himself a hearty pat on the back for his handling of recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

San Juan mayor slams Trump’s self-assessed score on P.R. recovery

“I would give myself a 10,” he said.

“I think we’ve done a really great job and we’ve had tremendous cooperation from the governor and we are getting there and people are really seeing the effort that’s been put into Puerto Rico.”

A week prior, Trump tweeted that Washington couldn’t continue to help Puerto Rico “forever.”

Around the same time, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló estimated that the death toll had reached 48.

Chuck Schumer wants U.S. to hire honcho to manage P.R. response

“In the emergencies, things might have the appearance that they are stabilizing at one point, but you always have future problems that can arise such as public health emergencies and otherwise,” Rosselló said.

While Rosselló carefully evaded trashing Trump during the conversation with reporters, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has been clear in how unhappy she is with Trump’s response to the devastating natural disaster.

“I think it’s conduct unbecoming of a leader of the free world,” she said on NBC on Oct. 13 referencing Trump’s early tweets seemingly blaming Puerto Rican citizens for how things unfolded.

Donald Trump has come under fire for giving himself high marks for his response to the disaster in Puerto Rico while more than 80% of the island remains without power more than a month later.

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