Kathie Lee & Hoda: We like to keep Christmas simple

Kathy Lee and Hoda are skipping the Christmas tree tradition this year in order to maintain a simple Christmas.

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Hoda’s pretty proud of her little Christmas tree. And she loves it so much she’ll probably just keep it till it’s reduced to a stick in water, surrounded by a pile of needles on the floor. KLG is skipping the tree tradition again this year, embracing the simpler-is-better philosophy.


KLG: Her bush?

HK: You don’t need to talk about that. Again. You always have to make everything dirty.

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KLG: I was talking about that tiny tree you have.

HK: Look, I like that tree. It makes me happy. And I’m not taking it down till after I’m back from ringing in the near year at the Rose Parade in California.

KLG: You have to do it before then. It’s a fire hazard!

HK: I don’t care. I love it. And I’ll just vacuum it up off the floor when I’m back.

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KLG: No, you won’t. You’ll leave those needles there forever, too.

HK: Even if it’s just a little bit alive, I like it there.

KLG: It brings her comfort and joy.

HK: Did you have a favorite ornament growing up?

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Christmas break in Florida means time well spent with family for Kathy Lee and Hoda.

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KLG: My parents had this beautiful nativity scene ornament from when we lived in Germany that I loved. I think my mom still has it, or she’s given it to my sister. She gets everything.

HK: I remember things we made in school and how exciting it was to watch them hang on the tree. Right now I have nothing on my tree, just some lights and balls.

KLG: Because nothing says Christmas like balls.


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The Sunshine State is about to get a little sunnier — we’re both heading to Florida for Christmas break. It’ll be time well spent with family, chasing the sun and enjoying the gifts of time spent with the people we love.

KLG: We do the same thing we’ve been doing for 20 years we go to our place in the Florida Keys and we are barefoot and not pregnant the entire time. I will be someplace warm and my children will be with me. And loved ones and that’s all anyone my age really wants: peace on Earth. And peace begins at home!

Of course, listening to my own music helps and now that I have Amazon Echo I can just play them all day long.

HK: I’m going to Florida with my mom and my sister. We’re just laying low, eating, drinking, walking and sunning.

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To gift or not to gift, that’s the big question. Some families love piles of presents under the tree, mountains of wrapping paper marking a successful holiday haul. Others keep it simple, exchanging just an item or two. Here’s what we’re doing:

HK: My family and I decided we weren’t going to exchange, just gifts for my nieces Hannah and Ella. Joel and I will exchange something — but we’re not doing a big thing.

Kathy Lee and Hoda wish for people to fill this world with peace and kindness.

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KLG: Did you get it yet?

HK: I did! I got him — and this is going to sound stupid — but he used to love “Easy Rider,” so I got him a framed poster. It’s from his childhood, I don’t know. He used to have the poster in his room when he was a kid. And I’ll get him something else, too.

KLG: I’m not into the gifts.

HK: Well, you are into the GIFFT … as in Gifft wine.

KLG: And that’s a gift for us all! But years ago, when my kids were younger, a friend gave me great advice about how to keep the present-giving manageable. She said give the kids three gifts, just like the Baby Jesus. But truly, the older I get, the less I want.

We’ve got some holiday season wishes for ourselves and for you, too.


HK: I think if people just did one kind act, just inject someone with kindness, things would be a lot better. If each one of us does one act a day, well, that’s what I would wish for. That we could all share kindness with each other.

KLG: What I wish for myself is what I wish for everyone else. It’s been a tumultuous year for many, many people. It’s been divisive and corrosive on our culture. And I wish for peace to reign in people’s hearts. And I wish they could know that God is still in control.

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