Conn. police warn locals against trusting 'any unfamiliar cattle'

The suspects were unable to convince police that they were making a mis-steak.

(Suffield CT Police Department/Facebook)

Don’t make any sudden moo-vements.

Officers with the Suffield Police Department were able to put a quick end to a bovine brouhaha after receiving a call regarding a couple of questionable cows roaming the northern Connecticut town.

“Early this morning, officers responded to a complaint of two suspicious males going door to door trying to sell dairy products,” the department related on its Facebook page. “Officers determined that the two individuals did not have a solicitors permit and were apprehended after a short foot pursuit.”

Though it’s unclear why authorities suspect the loitering livestock were male, what’s clear is that the police handled themselves with udder professionalism.

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“They came from a farm a couple of houses over, so with significant encouragement, we herded them back to their pen and got them into their enclosure,” Sgt. Geoffrey Miner told Western Mass News.

Miner believes the cows were able to escape with relative cheese thanks to a busted security measure.

“It’s an electrical wire fence, electricity was off (and) one of the wires was broken,” he said.

Fortunately, it would seem no one attempted to buy any milk despite the cows practically offering it for free, though the Facebook post nonetheless concluded with a final word of warning for Suffield residents.

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Said the department, “We would like to remind everyone to NEVER open your doors to any unfamiliar cattle.”


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