American Airlines cutting legroom in economy class

Nothing says happy flying like less legroom.

American Airlines plans to cut legroom on some seats of new jets it plans to roll out later this year.

Three rows in the economy class will shrink from 31 to 29 inches between seats, CNN reported. Legroom for the remaining seats in the section will drop to 30 inches.

The tight rows will be close to the minimal legroom offered on low-cost flights by Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines, where passengers have only 28 inches between seats, according to CNN.

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Economy-class passengers of the new American Airlines jets will have less leg room. 

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Jet Blue has the most space in between economy seats — 34 inches — followed by Virgin Airlines’ 32 inches, CNN reported. The gap between United Airlines is 30 inches.

Passengers still have to pay regular economy class fares — even if they’re flying in seats that are two inches tighter.

The company’s planned changes will be on the new Boeing 737 Max jets, CNN reported. A source told the network that the bathrooms will be smaller, too.

American Airlines will be reducing legroom on their flights in order to fit more seats. I’m 6’4″ don’t do this to me.

— Steve Patrick (@thestevepatrick) May 3, 2017

But the new Boeing jetliners will be able to hold 170 passengers — 10 more than 737s currently in its fleet.

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American plans to start flying the new jets later this year — primarily on flights within North America, CNN reported. By 2019 the company plans to have 40 of the 100 it has ordered in operation.

News of the impending leg bending wasn’t received well on social media Wednesday morning.

American Airlines will shrink the amount of legroom for the economy class of its new jetliners.

(Alan Diaz/AP)

“American Airlines will be reducing legroom on their flights in order to fit more seats. I’m 6’4″ don’t do this to me,” tweeted @thestevepatrick.

Another wondered if passengers would start getting charged for body parts.

“American Airlines is shrinking the small amount of legroom they already offer. Maybe we will be charged more to bring our legs w/us,” wrote @DianeJo98420908.

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